Maui Honeymoon and Vacation Packages

Maui is referred to as “The Valley Isle” because of the two volcanic mountain ranges that form the west and east parts of the island. The valley that sits in the middle of the two magnificent island is the center of the islands activity and were the main airport lies. If there is one reason for Maui’s enduring popularity it is it’s diversity — the island’s uncanny ability to dazzle and soothe almost at the same time.The second largest island in the Hawaiian chain, Maui is 48 miles long and 26 miles across. But into that space is packed long, sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, rolling green pasture lands, dryland forests, and spectacular rocky cliffs.Maui is home to several top beaches in the world and is known for the vast array of choices of activities and attractions.

Maui’s beaches are legend. Pristine and sheltered, especially on the leeward coasts, they have been lauded on top 10 lists for years. The beach fronting the Kapalua Bay Hotel is among the best. But you can’t dismiss the stretch of white sand at Kaanapali, or the beaches of Kihei and the continuous coves at Wailea and Makena.

Your Maui visit can be just about anything you want it to be. If what you need is an escape by snorkeling in warm, clear waters, or perhaps just surf, sand and golf. Maui has some of the best. If a vacation without learning is no vacation at all, there are specialized programs available for everyone from the history buff to the outdoorsman. For accommodation choices Maui has it all. There are the luxury resorts that line Maui’s south and west shores; resorts that take a back seat to no other destination. There are condominiums that offer moderately-priced vacations to families and the budget-minded.Although Maui’s average temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees, in one day you can huddle at the top of Haleakala Crater watching a sunrise in 40 degree weather, sit on the sand at Kihei enjoying the tradewinds at noon, and watch the sun set in the west in the cooler evenings.